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The the former Boļševička textile factory is located on Ganību dambis 30 in Rīga. It is easily accessible by car and public transportation. The nearest tram stop (from the city center) is the No. 5 tram stop Rāmuļu iela as well as the bus stop Rāmuļu iela. Cars can be parked outside the territory, by the entrance gate. The territory is private property under video surveillance. All visitors can access the digital catalog and audio guide at There’s internet access inside the exhibition but no headphones are available.

Environmental accessibility:

The art park Mobile Museum. The Next Season has partial environmental accessibility. Keep in mind that the show is located at an uninhabited open-air space at the site of the former Boļševička textile factory. All artworks on show are outdoors and one should count that the visit will be at least an hour-long walk. Informative descriptions are placed by the artworks and guides are available so that people with disabilities can visit. You are welcome to visit the art park and apply for tours guided by art ambassadors! Detailed info:

For visitors with disabilities:

Arriving, one has to cross the tram tracks, which are followed by an asphalt surface. Afterwards, the way is bumpy at times. It is partially asphalted but there are potholes and fragments; the way is guided by white arrows marking the route of the exhibition. It is recommended to visit with an assistant or an accompanying person. You may need assistance to cross the slope leading towards the lawn. There are no accessible toilets on-site as the exhibition is located outdoors. Disabled people can call before arrival to have the gate opened. This will allow you to access the territory by car and see the artworks (to apply for access by car, please contact the people below).

For visitors with vision impairments:

Different and uneven surfaces are found across the territory. However, you can touch and feel all the artworks on show. As the territory is vast and leads through different obstacles, we invite you to arrive with an assistant or an accompanying person; alternatively, arrange the visit beforehand to have an assistant. There are no dedicated descriptions readable by touch in the exhibition. However, our mediators will be glad to accompany you.
A digital catalog is available for the exhibition. It’s an audio guide you can listen to on-site on your phone or remotely at . The audio guide has info on all the artworks as related by both the artists and the curators. Please bring your own headphones to the exhibition as there are none on-site at the moment.

For visitors with hearing impairments:

There are informative descriptions of the artworks at the exhibition. These can be accessed for use on your phone as well as on the premises at You can walk freely around the territory but keep in mind that cars can show up, so be careful. Access the map and artwork descriptions at:

Simple language:

If necessary, the exhibition materials are available in simple language as well. They are available on request (info below):
If you have any questions about accessibility, or if you want to plan an individual or group visit accompanied by an art mediator to guide you, please contact Lība Bērziņa at 28649014 or Māra Žeikare at 29586893 or

P.S. Please don’t leave the exhibition territory. Organizers assume no responsibility for the visitors’ safety.

The Exhibition "Mobile Museum. Next Season"


Opening times:

Thursdays and Fridays: 14:00-20:00;

Saturdays 12:00-20:00

*Entry- free


Former textile factory “Boļševicka”,

Ganību dambis 30

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